Industrial Brazing Alloys and Fluxes

A wide range of forms and dimensions

At Mizuno Handy Harman, we provide brazing materials for customers in a wide variety of industries, from familiar home appliances like hot water heaters, air conditioners, and refrigerators, to automobiles, railways, heavy electric machinery, and electronic parts.
In addition to standard form like rods, wires, strips, and rings, we also provide special shaped stamping products to fit brazed parts with complex shapes.

Suggestion of "total advantage" in brazing

Reducing the ratio of silver in the brazing alloy can reduce the cost of procurement, but this can often have the opposite effect by increasing brazing time, fuel costs, and especially failure rates.
At Mizuno Handy Harman, we help you select the reasonable alloy for your brazing needs and suggest the best use conditions.
Our goal is to offer you the total advantage in brazing to help you comprehensively cut costs.
There is a good example that some customer has greatly improved brazing productivity and realized cost cut according to our suggestion, by replacing 25% silver brazing alloy which has a high melting point with BAg-7 which brazing temperature is approx. 650℃.

Introduction of basics in brazing

In order to reduce defective brazing and achieve a strong joint with no leakage, it is important to follow the fundamentals of brazing.
We recommend reviewing these 6 basic steps in brazing whenever you encounter defective brazing.
Click the tab below to view the basics in brazing. For convenience, basic torch brazing is used as an example, but the same principles apply to controlled atmosphere furnace brazing without flux as well.