Materials for electronic equipment and medical devices

In addition to their use in jewelry, precious metals also provide excellent physical and chemical properties (e.g., the corrosion resistance of gold and platinum, the electrical conductivity of silver, etc.) that make them important materials in various industries such as the electrical/electronic equipment and the medical devices industry.
We provide various precious metal materials used in these indutries in wide variety of forms ranging from regular forms such as fine wires and strips to cutting products, composite contacts point, components assembled with copper alloys, and clad strips.
We also supply platinum-based components for medical devices such as thin-walled cutting pipes and springs of fine wire.
●Machining result
  • Outside diameter : From 0.3mm
  • Wall thickness : From 0.02mm
●Machining result
  • Outside diameter : From 0.3mm
  • Wire diameter : From 0.04mm

*Main product line

Application Materials
Electrical contact materials for communication devices Pure Au, pure Ag, binary alloy of Au-Ag(Au60~92%)
Fuses Pure Ag, binary alloy of Ag-Cu, ternary alloy of Ag-Cu-Zn(Ag40~50%)
Thermostat contact point 69%Au‐25%Ag‐Pt(PGS)
Contact probes 75%Au-Ag-Cu, ternary alloy of Ag-Pd-Cu(Pd30~40%)
Commutators and brush materials for micro-motors Quintuple or sextuple Au-based alloys, binary alloy of Ag-Pd (40-70% Ag), and their clad strips
Various sensors Pure Pt, Pt-Pd
Vapor deposition materials for crystal oscillators Pure Au, Pure Ag
Medical devices Pure Pt, Pure Au, Pure Ag, Pt-Ir, Pt-Ni