Environmental initiatives

Basic Principle

Flourishing businesses and the occurrence of enviornmental load can be said to be "two faces of the same coin" and an increase of industrial goods brings the rise in both energy consumption and wastes as accompaniment.
In that sense, it is not easy to achieve both "the pursuit of profit" and "the preservation of the environment" .
By earnestly tackling this assignment that can be called "antinomy" Mizuno Handy Harman promote permanent environmental management aiming to harmonize a human being with nature, so that our next generation can inherit beautiful earth.


1. Complience with the law and the regulation
We comply with the related laws and regulations that are enforced by nation and local government, and other requirement that are established by ourselves.
2.Formation of recycle-oriented society and prevention of pollution
We tackle "resource conservation and energy saving", "environmental preservation" and "restraint of waste generation" in order to form so-called recycle-oriented society in which limited resources are effectively utilized and wastes are minimized, and prevent environmental pollution.
3.Setting of goal and target , and continual improvement

In order to review the output from business improvement for formation of recycle-oriented society and prevention of environmental pollution, we are trying to minutely asses all of environmental aspect that occurs through our production activity, and make an effort toward the achievement and the continual improvement of the goal and target set up in the following activity.

a)process improvement for resource conservation and energy saving
b)process improvement for prevention and reduction of environmental pollution
4.Publicity to all employees and the person concerned, and action
With a motto "easy to understand" in the education and enlightenment regarding our policy for not only our employees, but also all other people who are working for our company, such as our subcontractors and suppliers, we're aiming at elevation of self-awareness to the environment and their responsibility.
5.Disclosure of information
We disclose our environmental policy and the other information regarding our activity depending to the situation. Furthermore we sincerely listen to the advice and the request from neighborhood to keep the smooth communication with local community.
6.Review of environmental management system by top management
Top management periodically reviews the whole of system to make a plan for continual improvement.
October 3, 2013
Chief executive officer
President    Ichiro Mizuno