【1】Corporate Philosophy Regarding CSR Activities

It is needless to say that the ultimate goal of a corporation has always been and will be the "pursuit of profits."
In the past, many corporations in Japan had the philosophy, “a company’s top priority is to make profits above all else,” sacrificing what should have been valued such as the "environment" and the "well-being of employees."
On the other hand, since the concept "the fulfillment of corporate responsibilities" was brought by the West and has spread across Japan, corporations started to be answerable for contribution degree to the whole society more than just "money making".
Under such a background, through the compliance of the laws and regulations related to all of our corporate activities, we Mizuno Handy Harman work on promoting CSR and educating each employees on the basis of four subjects as following description.

【2】Environmental Initiatives

Environmental preservation often requires unexpected expenses.
So there can be the case that environmental preservation measures are left undone, especially in our factories as a result of focusing on just profitabilty of business.
To prevent such a situation, we promote continual environmental management under the mindset that "coexisting with local communities" must be an essential condition for business continuity.
1. Beatification of the Local Community
We work on protecting the regional scenery through the "greening promotion" on our premises and "cleaning activities" around our offices.
2. Activities to Reduce CO2 Emissions
By reducing the consumption of electricty, gas, water through the measures such as positive introduction of LED lighting and thorough utilization of power-saving mode in operating OA devices and air conditioners, we work on reduction of CO2 emmisions.
3. Activities to Eliminate Environmental Harm
We work to prevent water pollution/air pollution/soil contamination and reduce noise and vibrations to comply with related laws and regulations. When an abnormality is found, we respond quickly to investigate the cause and implement measures to prevent any recurrence.

【3】Serving the Local Community

In addition to humanitarian assistance, we consider “living creatures other than humans to be also key members of society” and support/sponsor the four following organizations’ activities, as our company desires the local community to be richer.
1. Paw in Hand

We believe that “dogs are also part of society” and provide social support related to dogs. As part of the support, Mizuno Handy Harman Ltd., is “installing dispensers of dog waste disposal bags.”
These dispensers have been installed on our headquarter and factory’s outer walls. We try to protect the city scenery from dog wastes.

  • 犬の汚物袋ディスペンサー
2. The Nara Deer Preservation Foundation

The Nara Deer Preservation Foundation promotes species conservation to protect and nurture the nationally protected species, the "Deer of Nara."
Its activities aims to contribute to the promotion of building a local community that can coexist with deer.

  • 奈良の鹿愛護会・募金箱
3. Japanese Red Cross Society
The organization gathers the desire to save suffering people throughout the world and works to protect human life, health, and dignity under all conditions.
We support the Japanese Red Cross Society’s activities by donating to its Tokyo Branch.



4. Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Service
①Supporting Insured Medical Care with a Focus on the Human  Relationships
②Insured Medical Care for People of Poor and Disadvantaged Circumstances
③Developing the Human Resources to Achieve the Above

Following the teachings of Jesus Christ, the organization aims to protect the health and lives of people in hardship and realize a world where the anguish/joy of people can be shared.

  • 日本キリスト教海外医療協力会
  • 使用済み切手

We support the "Used Stamps Project" that the association promotes.
The used stamps collected are used as funds for the international insured medical care.


【4】Disaster Prevention Initiatives

We build and structure appropriate disaster prevention measures with the three concepts below to minimize damage.
・Secure the safety of employees
・Prevent secondary disaster such as fire and prevent any harm to neighborhood citizens
・Minimize physical damages and prevent the standstill of supplying products for customers


■Specific Initiatives
  1. Providing a helmet and a whistle for all employees
  2. Reserving food, blanket, and portable toilet that is enough for distributing to both employees as well as neighborhood citizens
  3. Distributing the Disaster prevention Manual to all employees
  4. Installing AEDs in each office

【5】Corporate Code of Conduct

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
As employees of Mizuno Handy Harman we have the pride and self-awareness to comply with laws and regulations as well as internal regulations, to take a sensible action that is true to society and build a company trusted by society.
2. Trust Relationships with Clients
We respect the contracts with all of our clients, fulfilling our duties, building mutual trust, working to maintain it, and working to conduct fair transactions for mutual prosperity.
To realize such matters,we will listen to the feedback from all of our clients, respond to request sand provide high-quality products.
In addition, we will carefully handle customers’ personal information and thoroughly implement measures to prevent leakage and illegal uses of information.
3. Employee Work Environment
We will comply with labor-related laws so that all of our employees can feel safe at work and work efficiently. We will maintain a safe and comfortable workplace with the mindset  “labor-management cooperation.”
4. Dealing with Antisocial Forces
As part of the JAPAN GOLD METAL ASSOCIATION, we take thorough prevention measures for money laundering and conflict minerals so that our trading won't conduce to antisocial forces/organizations based in Japan and overseas."
日本金地金流通協会 正会員証