Refining and analysis of precious metal scrap

Refining of precious metals

We recover precious metal ingots by refining various scrap materials with our specific technology.
We handle a wide variety of scrap containing precious metals, from high-grade materials such as scrap of jewelry to low-grade one such as electronic waste.
Depending on the customer's request, the recovered metal can be returned by the Good Delivery Bar, or we can buy it back.

<Main target materials>

  • Scrap of processing jewelry (chips, abrasive powder, electrolytic solution, etc.)
  • Scrap of dental metal crown
  • Scrap of electronic materials and parts(punching scraps of electrical contact materials, empty containers of precious metal paste, wiping cloths, waste of various sensors, etc.)

Analysis of precious metals

As for precious metals, the clarification of their purity and composition is an important factor in determining their value.
In addition to traditional methods, we use instrumental analysis such as atomic absorption spectrometry, ICP emission spectrometry, and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry to ensure the quality of not only our products but also the precious metal materials that our customers bring to us.
We also purchase materials based on the results of these analyses, so please feel free to contact us.